Dharma Talks


IV. Tao Has Nothing to Do with Being Priest or Layperson

Student: The layperson has a wife and children, so he has not yet cut out the sexual desire. How can he become Buddha?

Bodhidharm'a: I have just talked about seeing nature, not the sexual desire. If you saw the self nature, sexual desire would already be void and serene; there would be nothing to attach; even though one may still have habitual potentiality, it would not be disruptive.

For what reason?

Self-nature is originally immaculate; although buried underneath physical body which holds the five skandhas, the self-nature is originally pure and cannot be tainted.

Truth(Dharma)-body originally does not have sense-perception; not of hunger and thirst, nor of cold and heat; it gas no diseases nor sickness; is neither blessed nor loved; is of no religious sect; undergoes neither suffering nor pleasure; is neither good nor bad, not long nor short and neither strong nor weak. Therefore, originally, there is nothing to be attained but, rather, just this physical body created those conditions of hunger and thirst, cold, heat, diseases and sicknesses, etc. If those cannot deceive you anymore, then behave however you want; for, even in the midst of life-and-death, you have already attained freedom and are able to roll the Dharma-wheel just like all the sages, without having obstacles. Then there is no place which is not comfortable.

But, if mind is still lacking clarity and all kinds of outside phenomena are still barriers to you, then it means there is no way to avoid karmic result.41

However, if self-nature were seen, even the butcher could naturally attain the Buddhahood.

41 'Do nothing is the best. If done', one cannot avoid......

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