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Pojo: Sublime Functioning of True Mind


XV. Where the True Mind Goes

Student: One who did not understand the true mind, because he was confused about it, would create the good and the bad. Then, since he created the good, he would e born on a good path, or, because of the bad, he would be born on a bad path.

Accordingly, I would not doubt the principle of karmic sequence. But, one who understood the true mind, because he rested all deluded attitudes, and was in accord with the true mind, would not have good or bad causes. If so, then, after this corpse passes away where would this one spirit take refuge?

Pojo: Do not judge that having a place of refuge would be better than not having a place. Nor judge a man who has no place to go just like a prodigal son, by saying, 'having no place to take refuge'. Nor judge the abidingless lonely soul among the ghosts.

Do you wish especially to have some place to take refuge?

Student: Yes, I do.

Pojo: If you completely understood the self-nature, it would not be that way. Because only indigent-beings are confused about the nature of enlightenment and they gather all the karmic cause by deluded love and thought and are born into the six branches of the karmic cycle; and will thus receive the result of the good or the bad.

For example, if you take karmic effect in heaven and of no other place. Since everything follows that karmic cause, the place in which you should be reborn is, they say, very satisfying because it is in accord with where you are.

They like the place where they were reborn and they would not like any other place. The place in which they should be reborn they call. 'refuge', while the place in which they should not be reborn they call. 'somebody's refuge'. Therefore, if you have deluded sentiment, you are creating deluded cause. If you have deluded cause, then deluded effect will result. If deluded result ensues, then there will be a refuge-place. If there is a refuge place, then you and I will be divided. If 'I-and-you' is divided then there is something right or wrong.

Now, the one who completely understands the true mind will accord with life-and-deathless self-enlightening-nature and will cause life-and-death-less sublime-functioning. Sublime-essence is true and perpetual, originally having no life-and-death because it follows cause-and-effect.

However, since functioning is from the essence itself, functioning itself is already essence itself. How can it have life-and-death? It is like essence of water which is the nature of moisture and its functioning is the wave. The nature of moisture is life-and-deathless, so too with the nature of moist nature of wave have life-and-deathless. How can the moist nature of wave have life-and-death? But wave cannot exist without moist nature. Therefore, wave does not have life-and-death either.

All the sages said,

Whole world is true man's right eye.

Whole world is one church.

Because this is the place where the enlightened one can dwell and have sanctity.

Once true mind is completely understood, four different lives and six different karmic-cycles will -p353- immediately vanish; mountain, river, and, whole earth are nothing but the true mind. There is no other place to take refuge other than this true mind. Since there is no delusory cause in three different cosmos there is no delusory effect in six branches.

Since there is no delusory effect, of what refuge place can we talk or think? You and I are not separate. Since already I and you are not different, where are the right and the wrong? This ten-direction world is only one true mind. It will be one whole body. There is no other refuge place. It can be born as an expedient appearing by free-will without obstacles.

In the Transmission of the Lamp, minister On Jo(Wen Tsao) asked master Kyu Bong (Kjeu Feng),

On-jo: The one who has understood the truth, after one period of life has passed; where does he take refuge?

Kyu Bong: There is no indigent-being who does not have divine nature of enlightenment. Not even a slight difference from Buddha; if this true self-nature were awakened, originally there is no birth. Where can the refuge place be? It is not perplexed, but divinely radiant. It is wakeful awareness which has no place to come. It is wakeful awareness which has no place to come. It has no place to come, no place to go. Just know it is void and tranquil essence.

Do not confuse it with physical body. Just know divinely self-gnostic mind. Do not confuse with delusion.

Even if deluded thought arises, if you do not chase it., when the time comes, you wouldn't be entangled with karma. Even though you are in a state of purgatory.

Whatever the direction you choose, you will be completely free either in Heaven or in Human; you will take refuge wherever you wish to be. This is where True Mind goes after physical body has passed on.

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