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Pojo: Sublime Functioning of True Mind


IX. Where the True Mind Is

Student: You said.' the true mind will be disclosed if we rest our deluded mind'. Where is the essence and functioning of the true mind right now?

Pojo: The essence of the true mind is omnipresent, as Young Ka (Yung Chia) said,

It is right here, not far away from where you are now; also, it has always been transparent; as soon as you look for it, you should know it cannot be seen.

And a sutra gives us a good explanation,

Because it has the nature of empty space, it does not move even an inch, and nothing arises nor disappears in the Tathagata-Chamber.

The Great Pop-An (Fa Yen) also shows us where the mind is,

Everywhere is the path to Bodhi;

Everything is the forest of Virtuous Merit.

The sublime functioning of the true mind is reflected according to what is perceived, as an echo is reflected from an empty valley. As Popdung said,

Now and before, without decreasing its reflection,

It is right front of these eyes.

Small pieces of clouds arise in the valley,

A lone crane is descending at the far end of the sky.

And take a look at what said old Hwa Yen from Wipu (Wei fu),

Buddha-Dharma is in your everyday life; where you walk, stay, sit, and lie down; where you drink a cup of tea, and eat a meal, where you speak, and converse with others, where you act and distinguish things; to uphold the mind and to raise a thought are again wrong.

As you see, even though the essence is omnipresent and is functioning always with you; because each one of us has different karmic conditions, each function is also appearing differently, not because there is no sublime function. If one wishes to enter the ocean of formless-doing, and to be life-and-deathless, do not let the abode of true mind's essence and function be confused.

X. The True Mind Does Not Perish

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