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Pojo: Sublime Functioning of True Mind


VIII. The Four Conduct-Modes of the True Mind

Student: We have heard how to rest our deluded mind. Now, do we have to just sit (meditate) to practice or is it possible even while in motion or in rest?

Pojo: All sutras and shastras explore sitting practice because it is convenient. However, it is also possible while we are in motion or in rest, one can be gradually refined and fully practical only by ceaseless training.

In the Awakening of Faith,

If one wishes for 'cessation' (meditative tranquility), he should abide in a quiet place, sit straight, and control his will. He should not depend upon his breathing, upon any form or color, not upon empty space nor upon the four elements; soil, water, fire, or wind; and furthermore, one should not depend upon sight, audition, perception, elements; soil. water, fire, or wind; and furthermore, one should not depend upon sight, memory, or consciousness. Whatever kind of thought comes, you should cut it out as well as cut out this thought of cutting out, because all dharmas have no origin in thought (delusion).

From one thought to the next, mind itself cannot be born; and from one thought to the next, mind itself cannot be perished; also, by following the mind, your mind cannot be grasped.

If the mind is scattered, one should immediately focus and abide in right thinking.

This right thinking is only the mind which has no outer perspectives.

This mind does not even have its own form and cannot be gained by thought. Whether you stand up from your seat, come and go, walk or stand, or further do all different movements, you should always think of an expedient method according to your abilities, train yourself for a long time and achieve mastery; then your mind will cease.

After the mind has ceased, one will become gradually braver and sharper and will enter the samadhi of Truth as-it-is; thereby, overcoming deep defilements. Also, sincere faith will be increased and will quickly lead to entry into the retreatless level. Only the skeptics, disbelievers and humiliators, and those hidden by thick karmic-sin and the too-arrogant are exceptions to entry into the retreatless level.

The above is referring to the four conduct-modes of the true mind.

In the Complete Enlightenment Sutra it was also mentioned,

First of all, depend on Tathagata's Samatha Practice, by upholding the precepts firmly, and staying with crowds harmoniously, or sitting in a quiet room.

On the other hand, Young Ka (Yung Chia),

Coming-and-going or sitting down is Ch'an;

Whether you speak or are silent,

Move or are still,

Essence is always the same.

The above also refers to the four conduct-modes of the true mind.

Summarizing what we have said regarding the results of studying; to enter the Tao is difficult even though sitting still; so, how can we expect to gain entry easily while walking or standing? But if one's functioning of study were masterfully ripened, even though a thousand sages appeared in front of him, he would not even move an inch. And if ten-thousand devils appeared he would not even look.

Why is impossible to study while moving or sitting? It is just like one who is revenging his enemy; whether walking, stilled, lying down, eating, or all the various movements, he cannot forget his enemy for one moment. The same is true when one loves somebody.

Hatred and love are both inside-the-mind-matters; even though such things are great, why are they not for someone who is studying?

If you uphold a sincere faith, Tao in the four conduct modes would not be lost.

IX. Where the True Mind Is

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