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Pojo: Sublime Functioning of True Mind


VI. True Mind Lives with Confusion

Student: If everyone has the essence and function of true-mind, then, why is the ordinary-being different from the sage?

Pojo: True-mind is the same whether it is with the ordinary-being or with the sage. But ordinary ones have lost their immaculate self-nature because of their objectified, deluded cognition. Due to this obstruction, the true-mind cannot be disclosed, just like the shade of the tree in the darkness and the spring-stem under the ground; it is there but cannot be seen.

In the sutra,

Good man, it is like a pure Mani Gem with light diffused into five different colors in every direction. The ignorants believe that the Gem possesses all those colors; good man, the immaculate nature of complete enlightenment manifests in body and mind and discloses itself according to the various outer perspectives. Just so, within the immaculate Complete Enlightenment, the ignorants assume body and mind possess actual self-natures.

In Sung Jo's(Seng Chao) Shastra;

Among earth, heaven, and the universe, there is one treasure; it is hidden inside mountain of corpse, which represents the mind hidden inside relative hindrance.

Also, Cha Un(Tau En),

From the beginning there is a Dharma-Body; it is the same whether in Buddha or in ordinary being, hidden by delusion and relatively hindered by bewilderment; that's why it is called, 'The Chamber of Tathagata.'

And from Pai Hui (Pei Xiu),

It is, all day long, completely enlightened; it did not become a complete enlightenment because of ordinary ones themselves.

Even though the True Mind is hidden under the bewilderment, it cannot be altered; just like white jade thrown and hidden in the mud; the luster remains unchanged.

VII. The True Mind Does Not Have Deluded Confusion

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