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Pojo: Sublime Functioning of True Mind


V. Are the Essence and Function of the True Mind Same or Different?

Student: Are the essence and the function of the true mind same or different?

Pojo: Speaking of the form they are not the same. But in nature they are not different.(Therefore, the essence and function is neither one nor two.) How do we know? Let us try to argue as an experiment. The sublime essence is unmovable, but off from the relativities, and separated from various forms.

Except the one who is awakened to self-nature, and is able to accord with this, no one can even imagine what this is.

The sublime essence accords with karmic conditions; but deluded, we assume this illusory existence to have real existence, and of talking about discriminating the being from the non-being, then it is not the same.

On the other hand, its function came from that essence, which means, it function is not separate from essence, and since essence creates its function, essence is not separate from its function. One cannot be separate from another, that is, they are not different.

For instance, water's essence is moisture, but it has no motion. The form of wave is motion which is caused by wind. The nature of water is motionless, and the nature of wave is in motion, which are not the same.

But, there cannot be water without waves; waves cannot be without water.

The nature of moisture itself is same and not different, which tells us the sameness and difference between essence and function.

VI. True Mind Lives with Confusion

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