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Pojo: Sublime Functioning of True Mind


IV. Sublime Functioning of True Mind

Student: I understood the sublime essence, then, next, what is the sublime function?

Pojo: Citing an old sage,

When wind blows, mind shakes tree,

When clouds gather, self-nature raises the dust,

If one forces clarity on today's matter,

It will darken the original man.

This is the functioning of sublime essence. The sublime essence of true mind originally does not move. It is peaceful, tranquil, real, and constant; its sublime function is exposed with the real and constant essence.

So, the sublime essence should be attained while being carried with the flow.

By one Patriarch,

Mind flows with outer perspectives,

Where it flows is unspeakably profound.

If one understood the nature of this flowing,

Neither joy nor sorrow would be real.

Therefore, whenever it moves or distinguishes things; either going to the east, moving to the west, eating food or putting on clothes, lifting up a spoon or fork, or glancing left or right; these are all representations of the sublime-functioning of the true-mind.

Because ordinary-beings are confused, when they dress they assume it is the real action of dressing, and when they eat, they assume that it is the real action of eating; but they are chasing only forms in every matter even though it(True Mind) is with them in everyday life. They just cannot feel it and do not understand it, even though it is in front of their eyes.

For one who understands the self-nature, he would not be deceived while he is moving or distinguishing. Thus here is one Patriarch's gatha,

When it is in the womb it is called a fetus with an energy; when it is born it is called a person; in the eye it is called seeing; in the ears it is called hearing; in the nose it is called smelling; or with the tongue it is called speaking, grabbing things with hands and taking strides with the legs; when it is spread out every-where, it wraps 'round the world' as many times as number the sands of the River Ganges. And, when most concentrated cannot even fill a speck of dust. The one who knows calls this Buddha-nature: But, one who does not know calls this either 'soul' or 'spiritual entity'.

Therefore, To oh(Tao Wu) danced with his fan, Bi Ma(Mi Mo) waved his staff, Ku Ji (Chu Ti) raised a finger, Hun Ju (Hsin Chou) hit the ground, and Woon Am(Yun Yen) teased the lion; all these conducts are the disclosure of the great functioning of the Mind.

If you are not deceived in the ordinary life, naturally nothing can be a hindrance in any direction.

V. Are the Essence and Function of the True Mind Same or Different?

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