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Pojo: Sublime Functioning of True Mind


II. True Mind and Its Many Names

Student: Here we have mobilized the right faith, but still I, do not know what is the true mind.

Pojo: What is not deluded is called true. What divinely reflects is called the mind. In the Surangama Sutra it was clearly explained.

Student: Is the true mind the only name or does it have other names?

Pojo: There is a difference in naming in the teaching of Buddha versus in the teaching of the patriarchs, In the teaching of Buddha, for instance, in the Bodhisattva's Precept Sutra it is called Mind-ground, because it creates ten-thousand of the good. In the Wisdom Paramita Sutra it is named Bodhi (enlightening), because it is the essence of the Buddha. In the Hua Yen Sutra, (Flower Adorn-mint Sutra) it is called Dharma World, because it is harmoniously interpenetrating. In the Diamond Sutra it is called Tathagata because there is no place to come.

In the Prajna Paramita Sutra it is called Complete Stillness (Nirvana), because all the sages depend on this. In the Golden Lightning Sutra it is called, Thus-as-it-is, because it is perpetually true and unchangeable. In the Immaculate Name Sutra it is called Truth-Body, because karmic-consequential-body and transformation-body are dependent on this. In the Awakening of Faith it is called Truth Suchness, because it is never born and never perishes.

In the Nirvana Sutra it is called Buddha-nature because it is the wellspring of Triple Bodies.

In the Complete Enlightenment Sutra it is called Dharani, because it is a fountain of virture and merit.

In the Lions Roar of Queen Srimala Sutra it is named Tathagatagarbha (Chamber of Tathagata), because even though hidden, it encompasses everything.

In the Perfect Understanding Sutra it is called Complete-Enlightenment, because it breaks through the cloudiness and is luminously radiant of itself. Because of this, Venerable Master Soo(Yen Shou) said in his Gateway of Mind-Only,

On dharma, ten-thousand names; creates the name according to their karmic condition

Which it is impossible for us to name them all.

Student: We have known the Buddha's teaching; now, what is the Patriarch's teaching?

Pojo: In the patriarchal gateway names and words are severed; they do not even let one name represent them; how can they have several names? But, according to one's level of self-conception and according to one's mind-orientation(higher or lower-minded) it can be called by different names.

Sometimes it is called Self, because that is the essence of the self-nature of indigent-beings.

Sometimes it is called Right Eye, because it sheds light on each and every form of intentional conduct.

Sometimes it is called Sublime Mind. because it is empty, yet divinely self-gnostic.

Sometimes it is called Old Self-Master, because affiction has been moved by this.

Sometimes it is called Bottomless Bowl, because it is always rich and everywhere prosperous.

Sometimes it is called Stringless Harp, because it plays right-at-this-moment.

Sometimes it is called Endless Lantern, because it shines upon and destroys illusory sentiments.

Sometimes it is called Rootless Tree, because its roots and eyes are imperishable.

Sometimes it is called Hair-Removing Sword, because it cuts out the roots of bewilderments.

Sometimes it is called Effortless Land, because it is as immovable as the ocean and as transparent as poverty.

Sometimes it is called Keyless Lock, because it closes off the six sensations.

And, furthermore, it is called, Mud-Ox, Wood-en-Horse, Mind-Source, Mind-Seal, Mind-Mirror, Mind-Moon, Mind-Jewel, etc.; all the names of which are impossible to innumerate.

If you realized this True Mind then you would realize all these names. But, if you are not certain of this True Mind you will be blocked to all these names.

Therefore, you should carefully watch this True Mind.

III. The Sublime Essence of the True Mind

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