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 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


XVI. Conclusion of Encouraging the Cultivation

I want mind-cultivators to review this deep meaning and not retreat by thwarting doubt. How can one give up this way if he is looking for the highest Buddha Tao with great determination.

I sincerely ask that you not to become attached to the word; just understand the essential meaning and let each and every essence return to the origin of the self. When it does finally accord with the fundamentals of the Teaching, then the wisdom-without-teacher will naturally be revealed Trueness-as-it-is will be bright and will not be obscure, and you will not depend on any other enlightened one to accomplish your wisdom-body itself.

This is the most sublime wisdom which every-body has, but of which only the superior-mahayana-minded who have planted the seed of Prajna in the formerlife can raise the right faith(belief). (Others) do not just disbelieve; in addition, they actually humiliate which will result in their going into the Exitless Hell.

But, even if they don't believe it, if they keep the connection to the Tao even by only having just caught wind of it for a second, their virtue and merit will be immeasurable. The Gateway to the Mind-Only said,

Though they wouldn't believe by hearing, still the seed of Buddha will be produced by them.

Though they didn't accomplish by learning, their for-tunes are more than the fortunes of human beings and heaven-being. So, still their spirtual cause to attain Buddhahood will not be lost.

Considering our past life-cycle of karma, for several thousand kalpas, how long have we suffered and fallen into the Lightless-hell and Exitless-hell? On the other hand, how often have we tried to accomplish Buddha-Tao but did not have a chance to meet a helpful wise friend; but, instead, caused various bad karmic power and wandered around ignorantly without being awakened by this friend?

Oh, what a miserable thing it would be to have happen! In no way could this be allowed to be repeated!

What was the real cause for our being born now as a human-being and the greatest-being in the world to have a chance to uphold the right way of cultivation? It is as rare as a blind turtle(who just by accident) met a floating board in the ocean, or a mustard seed (which, coincidentally) was pierced through by a tiny needle dropped from heaven. There are, by no means, enough words to express this luck.

If we constantly delay by raising any thought of retreating or thought of tardiness, then in the blink of an eye we will lose this life and fall into a bad path and receive all sufferings. Even if we try to listen, praise Buddha-Dharma, believe it, comprehend it and uphold it in order to be free from sufferings, would it still be possible? At the final moment; even though you regret it, it is already too late to be beneficial.

Do not be tardy as a Tao-cultivation! Do not attach to greediness or lustfulness.

Do not forget to study as if trying to blow out a fire on your own head!

Time is incalculably fast; morning dew-like physical body, setting sun-like life of vain! Today, everything seems alive. Tomorrow, it is not guaranteed by any!

Carve these words in your heart very well!

If one utilizes the form of doing goodness to be liberated from the triple-karmic-suffering, it will result in excellent rewards and happiness, either in heaven or earth. However, what will happen if one utilizes this highest and deepest truth-door?

No matter for haw short a time one mobilizes the true faith, the virtue and merit is too great to be explained by any kind of analogy. In a sutra;

One who offers with precious-seven-jewels to the worldly indigent-beings

From three-thousand-thousand worlds and lets them be satisfied;

And further, one who liberates those indigent-beings and lets them attain four kinds of enlightenment,

Then, his virtue and merit will be immeasurable.

But, still, this is a lower virtue and merit than that attained by having thought of the right dharma (truth) for even a moment while taking a spoonful of food. Therefore, you can understand that this teaching is the highest, the most virtuous, and meritious. Also the sutra said,

One thought from immaculate mind is the temple.

Even superior to the merits of erecting as many seven-jeweled stupas as number the sands of the Ganges River.

Jeweled-Stupa wjll finally perish to the dust;

One thought from immaculate mind will attain righteous enlighement.

One who would cultivate the Tao should carve these words into his heart-mind very well and be watchful.

If you do not liberate this body in this lifetime, in which life can it be liberated? If you do not cultivate now, you will be afar for ten-thousand kalpas. Even though it is difficult, if you work hard, it will gradually be easier, and, finally your refining powers will automatically increase.

Alas! Today, after a long hunger, people received a great banquet, but, they do not know how to raise even a morsel of food to their lips; after a long disease, they finally met the doctor, yet, they do not know how to take the medicine, and they say, what should I do? what should I do?

But, what should I do for one who does nothing?

The worldly activities can be seen and the result experienced; people laud one for even one small attainment as if it were a rarity, but our teaching style of awakening mind-nature cannot be seen.

Here, word-and-utterance is for all time severed,

Thought and its adiding place are also annihilated;

It is our mind.

Therefore, Heavenly Maras (devils) and heretics cannot degrade, Indra and Brahmins and Heaven cannot praise; how possibly can ordinary unknowledgeable beings even be comparable?

Alas! How can a frog in a well acknowledge the width of blue ocean? How can baby fox understand the lion's roar?

In the last era of the dharma, if one takes refuge in any part of the sutra, he will be able to mobilize a sincere faith; and by this, if he will actualize it, you should know that he has just restored his good ulterior motives with several Buddha for immeasurable millions of kalpas and planted all right karmic causes to produce great wisdom. You should know that he is the superior-minded one. Therefore in the Diamond Sutra it is said,

You should know that if one moilizes the faith in any part of the sutra, he already has planted all various ulterior motives to immeasurable Buddhas.

And also it said,

This was spoken for one who mobilized Mahayana mind. Also for the one who mobilized highest-vehicle mind.

I want the mind-cultivators, as truth-seekers, to not be afraid of anything. Rather, be brave, your-selves; you may not realize the good karmic connections awaiting you from your past life.

Without believing the highest Tao, in principle, if one pretends to be stupid, insists it is hard and using this excuse, does not cultivate the Tao in this life (no matter how many good roots he has created in his past lives) the good roots are now cut off and cultivating the Tao becomes more difficult and, finally further away. Now, you are where the treasure is. Do not pass by with an empty hand. Once you lose the human body, it is almost impossible to be born again with a human body for a million kalpas. Do not do it! Since you already know where the treasure is, why do you not investigate it?

Why do you denigrate yourself by saying that you are lonely and poor?

If you want to keep the treasure, drop this leather bag (corpse)!

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