Dharma Talks

 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


X. Directly Pointing Out that the Humman Mind Is What Buddha Is

Student: In what of my activities is the mind empty and tranquil as well as divinely self-gnostic?

Pojo: Presently the questioning one is the empty and tranquil as will as divinely self-gnostic mind. Why are you still looking outside instead of reflecting upon yourself?

I will point out your original mind in your activities so that you may be awakened right away. Listen carefuly with an open mind.

From morning 'til night, all day long,

You are seeing, hearing, laughing, and talking,

You are being angered or being pleased,

Insisting that

You are right or criticizing

That something is wrong, etc.;

You are doing all different kinds of activities;

Now tell me, at last, what drives you?

If you said, this physical body drives it, then why, for one who are already died though not yet decomposed, can his eye not see it, can his ear not hear it, can his nose not smell it, can his tongue not talk, can his body not move, can his hand not grab, and can his legs not take strides?

It is obvious that whatever is seeing, whatever is hearing, whatever is moving must be your mind as-it-is; not your physical body.

The nature of the four elements in this(physical) body is void like a shadow in the mirror and like a moon in the water.

How can these four elements possibly be able to always know clearly and, without confusion, feel brilliantly, performing as many wonderful functionings as number of the sands of the River Ganges? Because of that it is said,

Miraculous work and the wonderful functioning,

Are not different from drinking water or

Striking the match.


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