Dharma Talks

 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


IX. Beholding Directly the Empty, Tranquil, and Divine Self-Gnostic Perception

Student: For the highest minded one, he will be awakened immediately upon hearing; but, for the middle and lower minded ones there are still some doubts. Would you reveal to us an expedient by which the confused one can be awakened?

Pojo: Truth (Tao) has nothing to do wishing to be awakened, caused from confusion. Just listen carefully to what I am about to speak:

Each and every dharma is like a dream, and,

Like an apparition;

Therefore, deluded mind is originally tranquil, and

Inexhaustable outer perspective is originally empty.

Where all dharma is empty without exception, this divinely self-gnostic wisdom is perplexed. This empty, tranquil, and divine-self-gnostic mind is your original face which is the dharma-seal secretly transmitted among the Buddhas, Patriarchs, and all the other sages throughout the three different cosmos.

If this mind were awakened, that means, without using the intermediate steps, you will directly go up to Buddha's level, and your every step will transcend the three different cosmos and will return -p189- you to your own home by completely nullifying all doubts.

Abruptly you will become a teacher of Heaven and Earth and you will be most fulfilled with both beneficial compassion and wisdom. It is like being offered thousands and thousands of gold coins everyday from Heaven and Earth, with yet, still more to come.

Also, you can be called,

'one-who-has-completed the greatest work for mankind.


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