Dharma Talks

 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


VIII. To Look for an Expedient for Awakening is Wrong

Student: By what kind of expedient can we reflect on ourselves to suddenly enlighten the self-nature?

Pojo: It is already your own mind. What other expedient do you need? If you create an expedient to know your mind, it is like someone who wishing to see his eyes again, complains that he does not have eyes, because he cannot see his own eyes. But, already it is his eyes. How else could he see but with his own eyes?

If you see that your eyes have never been removed, that is seeing your eyes. Again, there is not even a mind that wants to see, so how can there be a thought of not seeing?

Just so, the divine-self-gnostic-perception is already your own mind.

Again, how can you possibly want to perceive(your mind) again?

Although you want to perceive(the mind),

Yet it will never be perceived.

While comprehending what is not-to-be-perceived

Suddenly this is the seeing Self-nature.


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