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 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


VI. Cultivating Should Be Followed after Enlightening: the Miraculous Work Cannot Emerge Immediately

Student: You said you saw the self-nature. If one has really seen the self-nature, he is already a sage who should perform miraculous work, unlike the ordinary people. Why cannot students today(mind-cultivators) perform those miraculous work?

Pojo: Do not speak so ludicrously with little care. If you do not make clear the distinction between right and wrong, then you will be the deluded and the confused one.

Most people talk about the truth by mouth but in their mind they have retreated from it and have said, 'I am not qualified'; that is the same mistake you are making now.

Learning the Way without understanding initial and final later matters clearly, or talking about what is true without understanding both the fundamental and conclusive matter; these are called delusory thoughts, which cannot be called cultivation.

This not only persecutes oneself but also harms others.

Should not one be careful?

There are so many gateways to the Tao, but essentially they can be spoken of as sudden enlightenment and gradual cultivation.

Even though it has been said that sudden enlightenment with sudden cultivation is the way of awakening by only the highest minded, in fact, this can encompass the past fruits that they have been enlightened up to this lifetime and at certain chance moments. If they are awakened totally, then it should be said that we are talking about one's mind which was suddenly enlightened before and cultivated later.

If so, these two, the sudden and gradual gateways are each and every sage's pathway; that is, all sages have been enlightened first and cultivated themselves later to attain the Tao.

That miraculous work should naturally emerge with careful and re-examined cultivation after the enlightenment; it cannot emerge immediately after enlightenment.

A sutra says,

Although in truth, one has been purified by sudden enlightenment, still in a practical sense, no thing can be refined immediately. Therefore, one should coherently cultivate himself one by one.

And, Kyu Bong(Kuie Feng) defined the relation-ship between sudden enlightenment and gradual cultivation.

Even though we know the frozen lake consists of water, it will melt only by the power of the sun's shine; and even though we know that ordinary beings, themselves, are originally Buddha; still it has to be integrated and practiced by the power of what is true; when ice is melted, water will flow and wet everything by natural application. If deluded mind has diminished, mind will be divine and bright of itself and will disclose the functioning with radiance and luminosity.

For this reason the real miraculous work will not emerge by one or two day's endeavor; rather will emerge by gradual re-examination and practice.

Furthermore, the real miraculous work is an apparitional matter for the truly enlightened man and a peripheral matter for the sages. Even though they can do it, they have no concern for the practice. Only ignorant people carelessly say, 'if one is enlightened in one thought, immediately he should be able to produce unlimited and profound functions of miraculous work'. These are confused ones who cannot distinguish the fundamentals from the conclusive matters (Without knowing what comes first, what goes last, and what is beginning and what is final, if one is looking for Buddha-Tao........) ; it is like trying to cover up the round hole with a square peg.


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