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 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


V. The Ancient Sages Clearly Proved It

Since Buddha-nature is evidently present before you, why do you have to seek it outside? I am afraid you would not believe this; I would like to show you a couple of ancient cases, so listen carefully and nullify your doubt.

Once upon a time there was a king who believed in Outsiders-Dharma(heterodoxy), and he asked the Venerable Bharati:

King: What is the Buddha?

Bharati: Seeing the self-nature is Buddha.

King: Did you see the self-nature?

Bharati: I saw the Buddha-nature.

King: Where does the self-nature abide?

Bharati: Self-nature abides where it functions.

King: What kind of functioning is it? And by what reason can I not see it right now?

Bharati: Even though it is apparently functioning right now, only King, yourself does not see it.

King: Do I have that too?

Bharat: When you are in functioning, not a thing is not with you. But, if you are not in functioning it is not easy to see even your own body.

King: When it is functioning, in how many places can it act?

Bharati: When it acts, it can be done through eight different places.

King: Would you explicate those eight different disclosures.

Bharati: When it is in the womb it is called a fetus with an energy; when it is born it is called a person, in the eyes it is called seeing, in the ears it is called hearing, in the nose it is called smelling, or it is called speaking with the tongue, Grabbing things with hands, and taking strides with the legs; when it is spread out everywhere it wraps round the world as many times as there are sands of the Ganges, and when most concentrated cannot even fill a speck of dust. The one who understands calls this Buddha-nature. But, one who dose not understand calls this either soul or spiritual entity.

After hearing this, the king's mind was opened. Here is another case. One man asked the Venerable Gui Jong(Kuie Tsung):

Student: What is the Buddha?

Gui Jong: I would like to tell you, but I am afraid you would not believe it.

Student: Whatever you say should be rectifiable, how dare I try not to believe it?

Gui Jong: You are the one who Buddha is.

Student: How should I uphold it?

Gui Jong: When eyes are irritated, empty space-flowers are pouring down hither-and-thither.

This man then was awakened by this.

You could actually travel hand-in-hand with all the ancient sages by understanding and believing this Kong-an which will help you to understand how they achieved and were accorded their enlightenment.


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