Dharma Talks

 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


IV. Even Though This One Thing Is with Indigent-Being in Everyday Movement, They Do Not Understand It

Student: Since Buddha-nature is already within this body, that means it is not separate from ordinary people; why can I not see this Buddha-nature?

Would you please elucidate once more in order that I may be fully awakened?

Pojo: It is already disclosed within your body; you just do not see it. Who is, at last, this one, who, during the day feels hunger and thirst, cold and heat, anger and joy? The physical body is the temporary collation of four elements; soil, water, fire and wind. The essence is rigid and insensible. How can each of them in themselves possibly see, hear, feel, or be conscious? Seeing, hearing, feeling, and being-conscious, though, are themselves certainly your Buddha-nature. This is the reason Yim Je(Lin Chi) said,

The four elements of this corpse

Is not able to talk and listen to dharma,

Empty space is not able

To talk and listen to dharma.

In front of your eye

It is alone and bright, of itself;

Without having any kind of possible form,

Yet talks and listens to dharma.

This, not having-any-kind-of-form, is the seal of all Buddha-Dharma(Truth-as-it-is) and, also, your original mind.


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