Dharma Talks

 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


III. Sage and Ordinary Beings Are on the Same Path; Just Enlighten a Mind

If one's mind is enlightened(by seeing self-nature), the innumerable dharma-teaching, as numerous as the sands of the Ganges River, and the limitless and profound implications will follow without effort.

Therefore, the World-Honored-One looked throughout and said,

Each and every indigent-being is thoroughly

Fulfilled by wisdom and virtue of the Tathagata.

and also,

All kinds of delusory changes of each and every indigent-being have directly come from Tathagata's complete enlightenment and sublime mind.

Because of this it is very clear that Buddha(enlightenment) cannot be attained separate from the mind. All past Tathagatas were the ones who have enlightened just the mind. The present sages and wise-ones are those who have already perfected the mind-cultivation. And, finally, the future students will also necessarily depend upon this mind(to cultivate Tao); therefore, the one who wishes to accomplish the Tao should not seek for it outside

The True Self-nature has no affection,

'Tis originally complete and fulfilled:

Merely depart from delusory Karmic-context,

'Tis the Buddha-as-it-is.


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