Dharma Talks

 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


II. Cultivation of Tao by Confused Mind Wouldn't Be Benificial

Alas, people today have been confused for so long without understanding the mind-in-itself is true Buddha and the self-nature is real dharma(Truth). In order to search for the Truth(dharma), ones would rater seek after a variety of distant sages; or, even though seeking for Buddha, they do not watch their own mind.

If, while searching for the way of enlightenment(Buddha-Dharma), one insists on saying that Buddha is outside the mind and dharma is outside the self-nature, and then attaches to these opinions; even though one burns his body and scorches his arms for a million kalpas to express great determination or smashes his bones, sits for long periods of time without lying down to sleep, eats only one meal a day or, furthermore, studies all the sutras, etc., the result will only be tiring work for oneself and as fruitless as trying to cook rice by boiling sand.


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