Dharma Talks

 Pojo: Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation


I. Disclose What Is True by Exposing the Sufferings

The torridness and suffering of three different cosmos are like a house on fire; how long can we tolerate such a long suffering in there?

To be free from the karmic wheel, nothing could be better than seeking Buddha (enlightening); but before you seek Buddha, you should know that is just the mind. Do not search for the mind from afar; it is not separated from this body.

Physical body is not true and is subject to birth-and-death; but True Mind is like empty space which is neither finite nor destructive. Therefore, a sutra says,

While the hundred bones will be

Smashed and scattered,

Returning to the elements of fire and wind,

This-One-Thing is eternally self-gnostic,

Engulfs Heaven and Earth.


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