Dharma Talks

 Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


I. Watch Your Mind

II.A. Mind Motives of the Pure and Tainted Dharma

II.B. True Mind Is Not Disclosed because of Delusion

II.C. Good Dharma Is the Root of Enlightening

III.A. Evil Dharma Is the Root of Three Poisonous Minds

III.B. Original Face of Six Thieves

IV.A. Cut Out the Three Poisons

IV.B. Three Different Cosmos Enlightenment Gives You Freedom from

V. Confusion Creates the Six Branches

VI. By Three Poisonous Minds, a Centillion Number of Things Appear

VII. Further Elucidation of Three Immaculate Precepts and Six Paramitas

VIII. Pure Mind; Pure Buddha Country

IX. Further Explanation of the Six Paramitas

X. Milk of Truth

XI. What Is Church?

XII. Casting the Image of Buddha

XIII. What Are the Five Incenses?

XIV. How to Scatter the Flowers?

XV. What Is Lighting the Candle?

XVI. How to Operate the Tao?

XVII. How to Discipline Body and Mind

XVIII. What Is the Propper Nourishment?

XIX. What Is Fasting?

XX. What Is True Prayer?

XXI. What Is Bathing?

XXII. What Is Chanting?

XXIII. Gathered Forms Returning to the Mind

XXIV. Do Not Fallaciously Build Buddha-Statue of Temple

XXV. Final Advice on Mind-Watching

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