Dharma Talks

 Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


XIV. How to Scatter the Flowers?

Scattering the flowers also means the same thing. By spreading the virtuous flowers of the righteous dharma, one helpes sentient-beings. By utilizing all true self-nature-as-it-is, one omnipresently adorns the world. These virtuous flowers are what Buddha praises highly, and which cannot fade or be shed perpetually.

If anyone scatters these flowers, he will receive immaculate virtue and merit.

It should not be said that Buddha asked disciples or indigent-beings to cut beautiful silks or cut the flower blossoms in order to scatter the flowers. If someone says that Buddha requested that, then he is wrong.


Because, one who upholds the precepts should not destroy any part of the universe; even killing by mistake could be a great sin.

Then, how about the breaking of the precepts by deliberately hurting any part of nature?

How can they expect any fortune by this action? Even though of benefit, if detrimental, how can it be right?

XV. What Is Lighting the Candle?

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