Dharma Talks

 Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


XII. Casting the Image of Buddha

For every indigent-being casting Buddha's statue, is the motivated action to attain Buddha-Tao.

They symbolically make Tathagata's figure and sublime form to cultivate all the actions of enlightenment.

This does not refer to statue that was made by the process of molding using gold or copper.

Therefore, one who wishes to attain the complete liberation should think of his own body as a melting pot, dharma as a fire, wisdom as a technician, and the three immaculate precepts and six perfection as a casting dome.

Thus, the Buddha-nature of truth-as-it-is, is melted and put into the casting dome of all precepts.

Follow and uphold all the teachings without missing a part.

Naturally, the true form of the image will be completed.

At last it can be called the perpetually sublime dharma-body, which is not the dharma from the form-of-doing.

While looking for the Tao, if one does not know how to draw or mold the true form, how, then, can he achieve virtue and merit?

XIII. What Are the Five Incenses?

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