Dharma Talks

Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


XI. What Is Church?

Student: In the Sutra it says that,

Building a church and carving holy images,

Burning incense, scattering flowers,

Burning everlasting candles, or

Having a ceremony six times a day;

By the virtue and merit of practice, anyone will attain the Buddha-Tao.

Now you are telling me one truth of mind-watching embraces all activities!

It must be a joke!

Bodhidharma: Indigent-beings have dull minds, lack wisdom and do not know the deep and sublime truth.

That is the reason uncountable expedient methods help all indigent-beings and expose the formless-doing through the form-if-doing.

Without cultivating the inside of your mind, just looking for fortune outside of your mind is not the right thing to do.

Building a church(immaculate zone in Sanskrit) means getting rid of the three poisonous minds and always having clean sense roots. By this, body and mind are humble and immaculate on either side; this is, the building of a church.

XII. Casting the Image of Buddha

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