Dharma Talks

Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


X. Milk of Truth

Student: I heard that Buddha drank three bucketfuls and six bowlfuls of milk before he attained Buddhahood.16

Why do you now say, complete liberation (Nirvana) can be attained by watching the mind?

Bodhidharma:17 The milk Buddha drank is not ordinary, impure milk, rather milk of the immaculate truth-as-it-is.

Three bucketfuls mean three immaculate precepts. Six bowlfuls mean six paramitas; Buddha attained the Tao by drinking of this immaculate truth-milk.

If one says rather, 'Buddha drank the milk which comes from the carnal knowledge complicated by dirty and soured milk', this is actually humiliating the Buddha.

The name, Tathagata implies the meaning of, frimness of a diamond, and imperishable and nonkarmic True-Body; it is already free from ordinary sufferings.

How can thirst be satiated by this impure milk?

A sutra says,

This ox does not reside in higher valley,

This ox does not eat crops or any chaff,

Nor play with other oxen.

Its body has purple jade-like golden color.

This ox is no different from the luminous omnipresent, Buddha18; with great love and compassion, it has pity for all indigent-beings. The immaculate Dharma-Body produced the sublime truth-milk of the three immaculate precepts and six perfections and nursed all who wished to attain complete liberation. Not just Buddha himself, right and true Tao.19

XI. What Is Church?

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