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Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


V. Confusion Creates the Six Branches

If10 an indigent-being practices the good without understanding the right motive (of the enlightenment), he cannot avoid the three different cosmos, and will be reborn in the Three Light Branches.

What are the three light branches?

If one practices the ten good conducts (three by body, four by mouth, and three by will) with a confused mind, but wishes happiness, then he cannot escape the desire of happiness, and he will be born in heaven.

If one practices the five great precepts with a confused mind, but still creates delusory hatred and love, then he cannot escape the feeling of anger, and he will be born in the human-body.

If one practices the evil dharma by clinging to the form of doing with a confused mind, but looks forward to fortune, then he cannot escape the ignorance of non-virtuous wishes; and he will be born an Asura branch.

These are the three light branches.

What are the three heavy branches? They are the creation of bad karma by the licentious use of the three poisonous minds.11

The abundantly greedy one will become the hungry ghost branch.

The abundantly angry one will fall into the hell branch.

The abundantly ignorant one will go to the animal branch..

The combination of these three heavy and light branches becomes the six branches.

Therefore, you should know that evil karma came from the mind. If the mind were controlled well, separated from all sins, then the karma in the three different cosmos would naturally disappear.

All suffering would vanish; that is why it is called Nirvana.

VI. By Three Poisonous Minds, a Centillion Number of Things Appear

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