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Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


III.B. Original Face of Six Thieves

These three poisons came from the essential one body.

When it is transformd according to the six sense roots, it becomes six thieves; and six thieves are sex consciousnesses.

These six consciousnesses create evil karmas when they respond to the six roots; it will automatically be affected by the outer perspectives and become an obstacle for truth-as-it-is.

That is why we call them six thieves. As a result of these three poisons and six thieves causing confused body and mind, all indigent-beings fall into life-death and enter the six branches of the karmic-chain.

Thus, all the sufferings follow.

Is is like one great river formed by the gathering of many small, ceaselessly flowing streams to make ten-thousand miles of meandering river current.

IV.A. Cut Out the Three Poisons

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