Dharma Talks

 Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


 II,A. Mind Motives of the Pure and Tainted Dharma

Bodhidharma:3 Four4 elements and five skandhas are originally void, and self-less. But, you should know there are two different functions of the mind.

What are the two?

The first is of the pure mind; the second is of the tainted mind.

The pure mind means the non-karmic and unmovable true mind-as-it-is.

The tainted mind means the quo-karmic, unenlightened, dark mind.

These two different minds are originally cohesive.

Under karmic conditions, they coexist without affecting each other.

Pure mind always enjoys5 the good cause. Tainted mind always thinks of evil works.

If the unmovable mind were awakened and understood, the enlightenment could not be tainted.

One is called a holy sage, who, free from suffering, attains Nirvanic Happiness. One entangled and covered by tainted, evil works is called an ordinary-being: He continuously falls into three different cosmos and receives many sufferings.

Why? Because the tainted mind blinds one to the essence of the unmovable true mind-as-it-is.

II.B. True Mind Is Not Disclosed because of Delusion

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