Dharma Talks

Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


 I. Watch Your Mind

Bodhidharma 1 : The one, dharma of mind-watching embraces all activities; it is thus called, conclusive and fundamental.

Bodhidharma 2 : The mind is the source of the tenthousand dharmas; every dharma is derived from the mind; if the mind were understood, ten-thousand acitvites would also be completed.

As if every branch, flower and fruit of an immense tree were possible from one root; to toke care of the tree, one should sustain the root to provide life.

To destroy the tree, one should remove the root to allow it to die.

When the mind is understood, cultivating Tao is easily accomplished with little effort. If not, it is a useless effort without result.

Therefore, you should know that all the good and the bad comes from the mind in itself.

Looking for it outside the mind is not right.

II.A. Mind Motives of the Pure and Tainted Dharma

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