Dharma Talks

Bodhidharma: On Mind-Watching


1.Hye Ka: If someone wants to learn, Buddha-Dharma, what dharma should they study which is fundermental and conclusive?

2.Hay Ka: How dose the one dharma embrace all activities?

3.Hye Ka: What is called the 'right mind-watching?'

4.Bodhidharma:'When Bodhisattvamahasattva behelds the prajnaparamita, he understood that' four...... 5 satisfies

6.We could call this, 'right mind-watching.'

7.'If the root of the true-mind-as-it-is, Buddha-nature, and all virtue and merit is awakening, then' what is the root......?

8.Hye Ka: Since the three poisonous minds and six thieves are so immense and limitless, how can we possibly be freed from them by just watching the mind?

9.Also, when we are creating the karmic causes, there are light and heavy ways which

will result accordingly into six divisions. That is why we call it six branches.

10.Hye Ka asked again; how are the heavy and light branches divided into six?

11.This will cause them to be born in three heavy branches.

12.Hye Ka: As Buddha said once, I have practiced from the beginningless centillion, and finally I attained the Buddha-Dharma. Now why do you tell me, 'as soon as three poisonous minds are eliminated that is the complete liberation?' Bodhidharma: Whatever Buddha said is not in vain. Centillion refers to nothing but the three poisonous minds.

13. three poisonous mind, then it will be called transcending.......

14. dull, and igrorant.

15. According to a sutra

16. Before he accomplished Buddhahood, he had to drink milk.

17. That is true and is not unnecessary talk. He had to drink milk, then afterward, attained Buddhahood. But,

18. Vairokisha Buddha(pure Truth-body of enlightenment)

19. Will attained the Anuttarasammyaksambodhi

20. increase all the precepted behavior as wax or oil

21. as if candle-light

22. encircling body and mind every second is called 'encircling the stupa'.

23. the pleasure of Nirvana 24 'nowadays'

25. tiring tgeir bodies to encircle......

26. These five immaculate nourishment are called......

27. That means Buddha cited a real-life matter by which to gain virtue and merit

28. Buddha delivered the Hot-House Sutra by citing the bathing to make them understand the dhama.

29. That is the virtue and merit of contribution.

30. That is the analogue of seven dharmas.

31. Hye Ka: Sutra says, if one thinks of Buddha(chants) sincerely, he will be born in the Western Pure Land, and through this sublime gate one will attain Buddhahood. Now, why do you say, look for the complete liberation just by mind-watching?

32. that is, Western Pure Land

33. is enlightenment, which

34. perpetual nirvanic pleasure

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