Buddhist Studies

The Locus of Creative Interpretation in Buddhist Thought and Culture
Enlightenment through Celibacy or Celibacy through Enlightenment?
Celibacy and Salvation in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Saving“ Mahatma”Gandhi
The Early Vinaya Stand on Monastic Sexual Behaviour
Enlightenment through Celibacy or Celibacy through Enlightenment?
Is Celibacy Anachronistic?
The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue, by Lancaster and Park
Doing practice by Ganhwaseon in America
Seon Thought of Master Baegun Gyeonghan
The Argument on Seon in Late Joseon Period
Ganhwaseon Practice in Europe: Present Situation and Future
The Role and Significance of Korean Seon in the Study of East Asian Buddhism
Theravāda-Mahāyāna Dialogue: A Mahāyāna Perspective
Interpenetration and Essence-Function in Wonhyo, Chinul and Kihwa
The Theory and the Reality in Historical Perspective
The awakening of faith in the Mahayana
sudden awakening-sudden cultivation, gradual cultivation – Seongcheol Zen master’s critical view on..
The Hermeneutical Problem Of Truth Claims and Scriptural Plurality in the Mādhyamika Buddhism …
‘DUN 頓’: A Chinese concept as a Key to ‘Mysticism’ in East and West
Rita M. Gross – This Buddhist’s View of Jesus – Buddhist-Christian Studies
Was Jesus a Buddhist?
Korean History: A Bibliography : Religion and Philosophy: Buddhism
Jñānaśrībhadra and Jñānavajra: Their Biographical Approaches..
A Study on Mahāyana Buddhism and Vegetarianism
Study on character transformation and Zen therapy
The study on practice of āhāra(food, nutriment) in the Early Buddhism
Contemplation on the 25 methods of Jigye and practicing Jigwan
Misunderstandings of Enlightenment, and the Truth
Wisdom, Compassion, and Zen Social Ethics: the Case of Jinul, Seongcheol
Huyan Theoretical Interpretation on Jinul’s Sudden Enlightenment and Gradual Cultivation
A Comparative Study of the Humanistic Approaches for Zen Therapy
The Practical Thought of Ch‘an and the Question of Self-realization
Meditation in Gandhāra
Meditation in Multiple Contexts: Early Buddhist Manuscripts and Inscriptions
Korean Seon Centers and their Present State
Choi Uisun’s Zen Thoughts and the Spirits of Tea Tao
On the ecological culture of Ahiṃsā
Majo(馬祖)’s Idea of Tao(道) and its Ecological Structure
The Occurrence and Completion of Mercy in the Śūnyatā-vāda of Mādhyamika
The study of activity and realistic recognition of an enlightened Buddhist monk
Doing practice by Gan-Hua Seon in America
The idea of the Saddharma-pundarika-sutra mentioned in
The Sudden and Gradual Problem in the Ganhwa Meditation
The Accommodation of Ganwhaseon and Its Characteristics in Korea
A Comparative Study Between the Theory of Mudogasu of Chuntae
Dharmakīrti and Taego Boowoo on the Transformation of Consciousness
A Study on Mengshan De-yi’s Activity and His Relation with the Korean Buddhism
The real character of practice in the Khanwha-sôn(看話禪)
The formations come into being of Ganhwa-Seon(看話禪)
The Spirit of Buddhist Monastic Precepts & Christian Monastic Rules: a Comparative Study
The ‘Buhyu’ Line Members’ Perception of the ‘Lines’ and the Heritages of Master Bojo
Kanhwasŏn Practice in Europe Present Situation and Future
Hwadu Meditation and Contemporary Society
The Psycho-semantic Structure of the Word kṣānti (Ch. Jen)
The Correct Path of Seon
The Modern Significance of Sudden Awakening
sudden awakening-sudden cultivation / sudden awakening-gradual cultivation
The Antecedents of Encounter Dialogue in Chinese Ch’an Buddhism
To Become Truly Human
On the Buddha-nature of Insentient Things
Buddha Nature, Buddha Practice
Self and meditation in Indian Buddhism
The Ecological Dimensions of East Asian Buddhism Critically Considered.
A Response to the Critical Buddhist Position on Zen
Critical Considerations on Zen Thought
The Linchi-lu and the Korean seon Buddhist Tradition
The Reflection On The Metaphysical Presuppositions Of The Korean Buddhism
The Role of Zen Buddhism in the Modern Scientific Era
The Tun-huang Text of the Platform Suutra : Reflection on and Prospect of Its Study
Bodhidharma’s Practice of Recompense and Formation of Chan Buddhism
The Role and Significance of Korean Son in the Study of East Asian Buddhism