Thirteen Passes of Koans(Hwadu Meditation)

1. Recital Koan using Tongue (誦話頭)

2. Recital Koan in Thought (念話頭)

3. Made-up Question Koan (做作話頭)

4. Genuine Question (眞疑頓發)

5. Constancy in inaction (坐禪一如)

6. Constancy in action (動靜一如)

7. Constancy in a dream (夢覺(中)一如)

8. Constancy in a fast sleep (寤寐一如)

9. Constancy between life and death (生死一如)

10. Constancy during entrance into a womb (入胎一如)

11. Constancy in the womb (住胎一如)

12. Constancy during exit out of the womb (出胎一如)

13. Eternal Constancy (永劫一如)

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