What To Love

For the truth-seeker preoccupied with Study, that which must principally be avoided is maintaining the idea that “I have accomplished this-and-that” by upholding some format of understanding.
What is the best way to eliminate such a format?
Foremost, one should introspect upon oneself with vigilant doubt regarding whatever is to be known. Searching for different expedient methods or means will only increase the conflictions in the mind by creating otherness (objectification), while vigilant doubt will void all in general.

The next consideration is affectionate attachment, as between children and parents, affectionate attachment combined with feeling seems best for this lifetime. However, in later life the relationship may become antagonistic, even to the point of committing murder and sending each other to hell. Rather than have such a result, what would be the best way for people to get along with each other and still be born in paradise?

For the one with whom you have a personal relationship, do not relinquish control of your mind to the attachment of love by pursuing the feeling; -p393- rather introspect upon yourself with the same living doubt as when praying and chanting Buddha, God, or any other great being’s name. Then, naturally, all the hidden power of goodness will be experienced. This is called true love and is the true way to care for and love someone.

All of you should know that the worldly relationships are nothing but karmic shadows, temporary and apparitional; appearing and disappearing in vain, like a movie film. If this is not realized, then the so-called suffering from life-and-death, defilement, and delusions will be endlessly maintained. To love or like only one’s physical body, which is no different from a dead corpse, is illusory.

Then, what is true love? If the body is illusory, then what is not illusory? Should it be mind? Or spirit? Since mind is just a name, it does not subsist. How can one even call it spirit or mind? Then for what should one care?

When someone calls to one, “Hello,”there is one-thing which knows how to respond,
“Yes.” When a child calls, “Mother,” there is one-thing which knows how to respond,
“Yes, Dear.” This is the one-thing each of us originally possesses; this one-thing can be called neither the mind nor the body. It has no name and cannot be known by intellect, but it is also very obviously present.
Now this is the only one-thing you should love and -p397- care for. To love this one-thing is to care for parents and to love.
Now listen to the Gatha!

Sleeping with Buddha every night,
Even rising together every morning;
Standing and sitting consecutively,
Talking and being silent, dwelling and visiting.

Tis not separated at all,
Just like your own shadow;
Want to know where Buddha has gone?
Just look at voice of this-one.