Noble Buddha

(Vesak, May, 1985)

Buddha is immense and immovable, and pervades the entire universe. In comparison, the vast sky is but a tiny grain floating in the middle of a boundless sea.

Buddha is eternal. Buddha existed before the universe and will exist long after the universe. And since Buddha is always everywhere, the past is the future, and the future is the present.
Buddha’s powers are immeasurably mysterious, and Buddha appears in unlimited forms according to requirements. Buddha never rests in the quest for the benefit of all.

Buddha’s light is brilliant beyond imagination. In comparison, the light of l00,000 days would amount to less than that of a single candle in broad daylight.
Buddha’s wisdom is the wisdom of nature. It perceives the universe, fills the streams and lotus ponds of life, and reveals itself as the truth of oneness and the way.

Buddha’s compassion is unlimited and unfettered. It serves tiny parasites in muddy waters as Buddhas, and it serves the greatest of enemies as parents. This compassion spares nothing in efforts for others: it even gives of its own life, and it is busily stretching its warm fingers to everything.
This is true not only of the historical Buddha Sakyamuni: all is equal, and both form and formlessness are perfect, although this may seem totally unimaginable to you.

So let’s all strive to open wisdom’s Eye, gaze upon this noble sight, and. praise it together.