Words of Blessings – Since there is this, there is that

(Vesak, May, 1984)

Since there is this, there is that,
and since this happens, that happens.
Since there is no this, there is no that,
and since this dies, that dies.

If two stalks support each other and one falls, the other falls as well.
The Buddha spoke the deep, noble truth that everything in the universe is interdependent, that everything is interrelated. The universal law of cause-and-effect applies to everything, because everything comes from the same source.

So if one thing is harmed, something else is harmed; if someone helps another, then both reap the benefits. If you harm someone else, then you are harmed; if you help someone else, this naturally affects you, too. How could you possibly harm another after realizing this universal law?

To those of you who know not this law, who go about stepping on others in your self-centered existence, please listen:
The only real way to live is by helping others. No matter how wretched your circumstances may be, rid yourself of harm and conflict, and help one another. Fire and water have opposing physical properties, yet they are most useful to us when we utilize them harmoniously.

You must come to the realization that we all share joy and suffering together, and live and die together. So let’s cast away all weapons of harm, combine our strengths, and join hands to help one another. Let’s all move forward together, and first of all help the ones who harm us the most. Then an awesome wave of eternal happiness will cover a magnificent paradise of peace and freedom.

On a sparkling spring day,
a golden Banyan deer
lies napping on the green grass.