The True Nature of Life

(Vesak, May, 1981)

Let us respect all forms of life as we respect the Buddha, for the true form of everything in the universe is brighter than sunlight, clearer than the sky, and perfectly spotless.

Such terms as “evil” or “lowly” are but superficial judgments. Everything is Buddha, everything is magnificent, everything is sublime. So we should respect not just all other people, but all forms of life-even seemingly lowly flies and ants, and ferocious wolves and tigers-in the same way that we respect the Buddha. When we respect even the most vicious criminal in this way, we come to see life as it really is and we come to live in true fundamentality.

Everything in the endless universe is Buddha, and every nation is a Buddhafield. If you look into the true nature of reality, you will not find a trace of misery. You will find only eternal happiness everywhere.

So let’s respect all forms of life in the same way that we respect the Buddha.