Already Appeared

On October 9 and 10, 1999, over three hundred students from fifteen countries gathered at Providence Zen Center for the Fifth Triennial Whole World is a Single Flower Conference.

Thank you very much everyone for coming to this “Whole World Is A Single Flower” conference. Already five times!

How do we get world peace? If one mind appears, then the whole world appears.

A long time ago, Buddha picked up a flower… only Mahakasyapa smiled. One thousand two hundred other people didn’t understand. That is Buddha’s teaching.

After the Second World War Zen Master Man Gong wrote, “The whole world is a single flower.”

So Buddha’s teaching, Zen Master Man Gong’s teaching, and us having the “Whole World Is A Single Flower” conference five times — are they the same or are they different? If you are thinking, you have already gone to hell. If you are not thinking, you have a problem. What can you do? All of you have been practicing for a long time; is there any less suffering in the world? So, we’ll try chanting the mantra of the world’s original sublimity together three times.

Om nam

Om nam

Om nam

Thank you very much. Already “the whole world is a single flower” appears.