The Red Sun Rises High

(New Year’s Message, January 1, 1986)

The red sun rises up out of the dark night to brighten the universe, and joyful cliffs dance merrily at the sight. Cool, clear waters flow out of a boiling furnace, filling the sky and earth and quenching thirsty trees which begin to burst with colorful blossoms.

Lao-tzu and Confucius are shaking hands, the Buddha and Jesus are walking together, and songs of peace flow from from all directions. The noble and the evil have disappeared, and there is no trace of heaven and hell. “Amen” is being chanted in magnificent temples, while “Ohm” flows from splendid churches. In such a world, arguments of “black” and “white” “right” and “wrong” are unimaginable.

The Great Wall of China is but a toy on foam, and the great unification of the world, as sought by historical conquerors, is but kids, stuff. To those of you so filled with self-importance, who recklessly run about searching for more and more, please listen: you are dancing on the blade of a knife.
Fundamental oneness includes and transcends being and non-being. Abso rbing mind and matter, it syncretizes the self and others. Should the world as we know it come to an end, fundamental reality would still remains unmoved, stable and free. How heartbreaking that endless personal greed blocks people’s sight from this brilliant scene; how tragic that people continue to writhe in a world filled with darkness.

Our fundamental nature is covered with greed like a jewel covered with dust; yet no matter how thick the dust, the jewel remains unchanged. If you brush away the dust, the jewel will light up the world with its brilliance.
Toss away your unrealistic, futile greed in this dream world so that you can see the fundamental nature of Eternal Truth. The blindingly brilliant Great Light and the endless sound of cheer are shaking the mountains and rivers.

Let’s make friends with the twinkling stars, drink nectar poured from a golden vase into white jade cups, and sing songs of praise.