Mountain Spirit Center

Mountain Spirit Center is affiliated with the Kwan Um School of Zen, founded in America by Seon Master Seungsahn. The temple also has a strong connection with the Korean American community in Southern California as well as adjacent regions.

The Abbot of Mountain Spirit Center is Muryang Sunim, a student of Seon Master Seungsahn since 1979. After becoming a monk, Muryang spent four years living and practicing in Korea. Upon returning to the United States, he spent several years searching for a suitable site for a mountain temple. He completed the purchase of this property in 1994, and has been living and practicing here since.

The temple is located on a wonderful energy point according to oriental principles of geomancy. The land itself has long been a place where the native people of this area came to conduct their vision quests, and it is the center’s hope to honor and continue this tradition of spiritual practice.

Mountain Spirit center is being built with a deep concern for the environment. The temple is off the electrical power grid – electricity is generated on site by the power of sun and wind. Well water is reused for irrigation of native plants and trees; therefore, care is taken to not use toxic chemicals, soaps, or detergents. It is our goal to develop the temple in a sustainable and environmentally beneficial manner.

Founding Date : 1994Address : 8400 Juniper Way. Tehachapi California, 93561-9315Tel : 661-822-7776URL : :

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