New Temple, New Life.

For generations the Shaolin Monks trained and perfected their bodies, minds, and spirits through Chan Action Meditation. From a secluded monastery in China’s Henan province, the monks passed down their knowledge through oral tradition — imbuing each new generation with the rigors of a cherished and sacred art form that mixes Chan philosophy with martial arts technique. Today, we have an opportunity to keep the spirit of Shaolin tradition alive for future generations. The USA Shaolin Temple is holding a capital campaign to build a permanent Temple for all who seek this ancient knowledge.

Currently the Shaolin Temple in China no longer accepts and trains young disciples in Martial arts or Chan Buddhism, as the Temple in China operates today as a heritage site preserving the physical premises for tourism. In general, there exists in China a void as the martial arts training has been split and separated from the Chan Buddhist training. The martial arts education at Chinese Kung Fu schools does not incorporate the Chan Buddhist principles brought to China 1500 years earlier by Bodhidarma. Unless a Shaolin Temple is recreated within Shifu Shi Yan Ming’s lifetime, the knowledge, history, philosophy, and traditions of Shaolin Temple will be lost forever.

The traditions of the Shaolin Temple must be preserved for the future in honor of the generations who passed down this spiritual art form. The Shaolin philosophy can be a profound motivator of peace and inspiration for personal growth to all people. Our goal is to keep this tradition alive, and not something relegated to the annals of history. The deep interest in and spirit of our cause has been demonstrated by the spread of the Shaolin philosophy worldwide and the loving dedication exhibited by the disciples, students, and friends of the Temple each day.


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